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About Us


At Revue, we are constantly working  to connect people from all around the world. That’s why it is important that our app’s reviews reflect the diversity of human beings and helps them to make better decisions, build better products and create better experiences for everyone.


We aim to give people the joy to share their experiences and bring the world closer together.

Reviews are most valuable when they are honest, informative and unbiased. That is why in Revue, we allow users to review, discover, purchase, and make better decisions whenever they choose to decide or accomplish something. The outcomes can be anything from travelling to a desired location, to making an online purchase, or even subscribing to a service.

Give People the Power to Review

As we are experiencing nowadays in the social media landscape, people’s reviews and opinions are a powerful tool to express and be heard. Hence, as a social media platform we want these reviews and opinions to be heard and have an impact to help friends and family around them to be inspired or make better choices.

Provide A Platform For Everyone

With a dedicated team and hard work, we take great pride of making the reviews to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone just from the use of our app. An example of this is that our app’s user experience is completely ad-free!

Build Better Connection and Community

With Revue, our social media features must have the goal to help people connect, learn and be inspired by each other. With this in mind, it will help people to make better decisions in their everyday life.

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