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Our Journey

We started off from humble beginnings, as two employees working for giant e-commerce platforms who quickly realized that an abundance of online reviews, whether involving products or services, were neither informative or genuine enough. Worse still, we’re constantly getting bombarded by those intrusive paid advertisements before we can even have a chance to read those reviews.

Hence, it’s these main factors why we wanted to create the Revue app, as it’s vital that our app reflects the legitimacy & diversity of reviews. We strive to have these reviews come from the most important reviewers, users with personal experiences which is you! 

With your reviews, we hope that you contribute to our main goals which is to help others make better decisions, companies improving their products/services & create a better experience for everyone!

Give People the Power to Review

As we are experiencing nowadays in the social media landscape, people’s reviews and opinions are a powerful tool to express and be heard. Hence, as a social media platform we want these reviews and opinions to be heard and have an impact to help friends and family around them to be inspired or make better choices.

Provide A Platform For Everyone

With a dedicated team and hard work, we take great pride of making the reviews to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone just from the use of our app. An example of this is that our app’s user experience is completely ad-free!







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