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The 10 Best Fashion Trends Right Now 👚👗👟😎

Learn more about these best fashion trends that are currently on sale so that you will exactly know what to browse, add-to-cart & shop for the Spring/Summer 2021 season

The 10 Best Fashion Trends Right Now

Our body is so ready for those best 2021 fashion trends to hit after almost ten months of endless sweatpants wear. And trust me when we say that the new year brought just the *cleanest* vibes with it. Funky checks, bold platforms, and stylish shoulder bags are only a few of the looks that will bring even more '90s flair to your wardrobe.

But fear not: We're not here to tell you that leggings are out and 6-inch pumps are in. Actually, the high-comfort element of 2020 dressing is still present in almost all of these styles–but they're a lot cuter. Continue reading to see the best trends that you absolutely must buy.


1. Elevated Loungewear

Ruched Detail Sweater

Mango Ruched Detail Sweater

Shop from Price: $19.99 You deserve to feel cute again after living in coffee-stained pyjamas for the past, like, 300 days. Stylish lounge sets provide the same level of comfort that we expect, while still making you feel like a human.


2. Baguette Bags Cow Printed Hobo Bag

Storets Cow Printed Hobo Bag

Shop from


This little boy, also known as the shoulder bag, fits somewhere between the micro bags of 2020 and the big tote you wish you could bring. They have a more open interior with a retro flair.


3. Flares

Montana Flares

Freepeople Montana Flares


That is, in reality, a thing. This year, we're heading away from skinny jeans and toward the flared bottoms of yesteryear. This pattern is easily shoppable in printed, jersey fabrics, keeping with the elastic waistband surge of 2020.


4. Cardigan/Crop Top Sets

We're Happy Together Sweater Set

Dollskill We're Happy Together Sweater


You're probably aware that cardigans have been popular for a while–after all, Taylor Swift wrote a song about them. However, you can now purchase them with a matching crop top to help spice up the grandma trend.


5. Flatforms

Elebe Sneaker

Dsw Ebele Sneaker

Shop from


The sneaker collection is even more important now than it was a few months ago, thanks to 2020's heavy lean toward loungewear. From here on out, we're just doing comfy shoes with elevated features like a '90s-style flatform.


6. Groovy Swirls

The Ragged Priest Jitters Cardigan

Urban Outfitters Ragged Press Jitters Cardigan


Abstract wave prints will be the equivalent of leopard print in 2021. Animal-inspired graphics are still popular, but vibrant, retro designs will give your outfit a new lease on life.


7. Checkerboard

Checkers Faux-Fur Coat

Adika Checkers Faux-Fur Coat

Shop from


You've been wearing checkered Vans since day one, and if you haven't noticed, it immediately elevates every outfit. If you're looking for a chill-girl update, splash the print on the rest of your wardrobe.


8. Jumbo Frames

Matt Tortoise Grandpa Acetate Aviator Tinted Sunglasses

Yesglasses Jumbo Frames


Small glasses, we had a nice sprint! It's time to move on to something bigger and better–emphasis on "bigger." Micro shades will be replaced by bulky, '70s-era frames in your everyday wardrobe.


9. Bib Collars

Shampoo Peter Pan Collar Knit Sweater

Garmentory Bib Collars


Collars are getting the jumbo treatment, much like bubble sleeves and puff headbands. This pastel knit version reminds me a lot of Bridgerton, so I'm pretty sure I'll have to buy it. Isn't that correct?


10. Slouchy Dad Jeans

Nothing But A Dream Denim Jeans

Princesspolly Slouchy Dad Jeans

Shop from $79.00

Do you recall the week in June when everyone on TikTok went to Walmart and bought men's jeans? We're going to keep the momentum going all through next year. Consider the loose-fitting style as a way to ease back into normal clothing.


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