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10 Fashionable Athleisure Brands In 2021

Athleisure has never been famous like this. As something important of everyday life, an outfit that is comfortable and fashionable is ideal, particularly as we are staying at home as opposed to working from home and working out at home.

With more than one million styles from prominent athleisure brands, there are still many trendy options when searching for athleisure apparel to wear in 2021.


Girlfriend Collective strives to be open and as sustainable as possible. This is why everything is chosen from their methods, materials, to the same in their partners. In addition to the fact that Girlfriend Collective sets sustainability as one of its top goals, the company has also shown this through its mission and visions, through its art design, through its packaging and through its practices.

They manufacture trendy, eco-friendly items as well as garments that can be worn for sporting activities from sports bras, leggings and outerwear that appeal to all styles of people of all ages.


JW Anderson is unusual because it blends trendy outerwear and casual items in a fashionable way. You may have heard of a company that makes classy garments but they also manufacture many kinds of athletic apparel. You can also buy this yoga mat and canvas bag for practicing yoga.


Live the Process is not just a brand of active wear but also an athleisure blog. In 2013, Selfedge launched an athleisure apparel brand offering a community for self-actualisation. The brand builds upon its slogan "The Workout Within" that reflects a person's physical and spiritual balance.

Their developments are well put together and with high priority, You can exercise by wearing pieces from Live the Process.


A London-based athleisure brand provides contemporary designs that allows people to travel freely. Vaara consciously tries to explore the limits of fashion by pursuing craftsmanship. According to their design principles, successful design should be both practical and aesthetic. Each element of brand aesthetic is considered and integrated in everything they make.


Les Tien are known to produce their leather jackets in their factories situated in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Les Tien, a fashion company hopes its items will meet the desires of men and women as a brand. Another feature of lightweight athleisure clothing is that it can be worn on all occasions. The garments are very popular with all people all over the world.


The Reebok x VB is one of the most creative and trendy partnerships available today. The fourth partnership between Reebok and Victoria Beckham celebrate simple, casual '90s fashion that was built for the community, the gym, the school run and beyond. The range is available in different colour ways each boasting colors that are striking and vivid such as Yves Klein blue coupled with other subdued colours.

Besides, you are guaranteed to like some fantastic fabrications that are clean and look healthy thanks to their modified technological advancements.


A internationally recognised brand of sportswear, adidas partners with award-winning young designer Grace Wales Bonner for their new line. The designs are modelled after a distinctive style of dresses in the culture of music and fashion from the country of Jamaica to London.

From reimagined clothing like tracksuits and jackets that all trigger nostalgic feelings at the same time.


Year of Ours is located in Los Angeles, a city famously recognized as a center for women's liberation and empowerment. Their clothes reflect both approachable and influenced modern styling.

They are overpriced, and they don't serve any practical purpose. The organization has added range of sizes to its roster in attempt to reach more markets in the future.


Harley Viera-Newton is the founder of the company. The reason Viera created HVN was her own interest in fashion and wanted to design dresses. Each HVN piece was made with great love and care by Viera-Newton.

Bernadette wanted her apparel line to represent her love of print patterns. The designs are influenced by elements of traditional retro motifs from cherry, ginghams, florals. She primarily makes workout clothing, but she also makes lounge sets and trendy sweat suits.


Adidas also has a famous partnership with Stella McCartney. The SS21 campaign and collection called FUTUREPLAYGROUND highlights problems to the world and encourages kids to have fun in nature.

This collection marries excellent fashion with the latest fabrics innovations to keep the next generation of athletes and fashion forward individuals dry and relaxed when traveling, whether this includes skating, walking, working out or just working at home.

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