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REVIEW: TRON: Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk - The Complete Edition

Recently, it was the 10th anniversary of Tron: Legacy. Mention what you will about the film (which you can rewatch on Disney Plus and it definitely has it's flaws), but there's no denying Daft Punk original movie score was spectacular. Now in 2020, you can hear it out in a new manner. Disney and Daft Punk have just released an all-encompassing version of the score called Tron: Legacy - The Complete Edition to Spotify and Apple Music. It includes the first score completely as well as nine extra fresh tunes.

As Polygon brings up, those tracks aren't new melodies fundamentally; they've been accessible recently dispersed about in vinyl releases and so forth. In any case, this is the first occasion when you can hear them out across all major music streaming platforms.

Other than being a champion collection all alone, the Tron: Legacy soundtrack came when Daft Punk fans were eager to hear something new from the gathering. The French duo hadn't delivered another studio collection since 2005's Human After All and it would be an additional three years after Tron: Legacy before they came out with Random Access Memories in 2013.

When you get done with tuning in to the Complete Edition, it's likewise well worth looking at Tron: Legacy Reconfigured. Commonly, remix collections do not merit anybody's time, however with appearances from heavyweights like Moby, Com Truise, Kaskade and Avicii, this one definitely kills.

Also, if you weren’t keeping tabs, the Jared Leto-starring Tron 3 is still in development with a new director, Garth Davis. If you’d like to revisit the soundtrack in movie form, or you’d just like to see whether you were wrong about the movie that was released a decade ago, you can stream Tron: Legacy on Disney Plus.




Listen to the Full Soundtrack Here:

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