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The 9 Most Unique Modern Home Designs In The World 🛋️🏡🏘️

When talking about a modern house it’s hard to avoid glass facades. The idea is to create an indoor/outdoor feel that is so important for popular mid-century modern Eichler and similar houses. Even if facades aren’t made of glass, big windows become an essential part of most modern homes, hence here's our picks for the nine most unique home designs from around the world.

dr house in slovenia

Dr. House is an intriguing Scapelab project with an enigmatic form that appears to be blurred. The home, which was designed for a real local doctor and is located in the green hills of Slovenia, stands out with its metallic silhouette.

Sliding glass doors enable the house to open up to the outside. This allows the open-plan living areas to flow out onto the outdoor wooden terrace, where residents can take in the breathtaking views of the city.

a&n house in granada, spain

The A&N House by ariasrecalde looks unusual with its monochromatic exterior and is truly a work of art. Its intricate architecture caters to the clients' needs and desires. The finishing touches, such as frosted glass windows, complete the modern design philosophy.

alan voo house in los angeles

It has the appearance of a spacecraft cabin. Alan Voo House by Neil M. Denari Architects is actually a 1,000-square-foot extension to an existing home. Its ground floor is almost entirely decorated with glazed walls, while the top floor opens up to a green location with huge glass roofs.

The house is immediately caught in the eye because of its futuristic shape, but it seems as if the facade faces the backyard, hiding the lower glass box from private eyes.

Modern house designs have a lot to offer a modern dweller. There is a tonne of space thanks to open indoor/outdoor layouts, unusual shapes and angles, cutting-edge materials that can help reduce energy consumption. At the end of the day, modern house architecture in no way restricts creative minds. Anything you can imagine can be built, if you can afford it.

gaze in obu, japan

Gaze is one of those kind of structures. It captures the eye and combines a variety of materials and elements to maximise space. Created by APOLLO Architects for an art collection client, Gaze is almost completely hidden from the outside world.

Glass walls on the ground floor are lined with concrete interior walls that not only enhance the privacy of the house, but also provide valuable wall space for hanging art.


2996 west 11th in vancouver

This modern house by Randy Bens Architect, located in Vancouver, is the perfect alignment of the two Tetris figures. Can you see it? Decorated with white brick and dark cedar, the facade has a few windows and transoms to give more light to the open plan interior.

Well-disguised from the street side, the house includes a master suite rooftop and a lovely waterless rock landscape in the backyard.

flexhouse in switzerland

Evolution Design was given the no small task of translating all the local movement into a modern house design. The resulting glass structure is sandwiched between the textured ribbon-shaped elements that extend to the outdoor terrace.

Opening up to Lake Zurich, the glass walls of the Flexhouse absorb a lot of natural light during the day. In addition, as if to complement its incredible exterior, inside the house there are a lot of rounded walls and corners.

l house in lodz, poland

In 2008, Moomoo Architects built the L House in the Polish town of Lodz. Covering it with a plastic insulating material Thermopian architects kept the exterior extremely enclosed.

A few skylights, windows and sliding glass doors make it possible to take advantage of natural light while the angular fence shields the opposite side of the house from anyone who wanders close by.

local rock house in auckland, new zealand

Patterson's Auckland Modern House is something else when it comes to modern architecture. Built with the local pyrite rock, the house consists of black screened boxes between its structural elements.

Its unusual shape creates multiple living space levels of 4,251 square feet (395 sq m). In the backyard, the pool is too finished with a pyrite echoing the exterior and creating a coherent picture.

house in yamasaki, hyogo, japan

Another modern Japanese house is the Tato Architects' creative project. Located in Hyogo Prefecture, where the sky is often overcast, the architect wanted the house to be as light as possible.

To do this, he built three house-like sheds on top of a rectangular foundation to accommodate a bedroom, a guesthouse, and a bathroom. They can all be accessed from the inside through stairs and ladders. Interestingly, their light material makes it possible for natural light to travel in and out depending on the time of day.


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