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TOP 10 Cartoon Network Cartoons of All Time👻

If we are talking about our favorite cartoons, then we have to narrow them down by category first. Cartoons like Oldies Roadrunner and Tom & Jerry are some of the best cartoons that even our parents remember watching, and there are the classic Disney Channel cartoons, of course. Cartoon Network is, however, all of its own in a category. Cartoon Network has famously produced some favorite cartoons over the years that millennials are still fond of, with a unique illustration technique and an interesting way of teaching lessons.

Check out our top ten lists below of the best cartoons ever to come from Cartoon Network's creative minds. You can catch Cartoon Network through DISH Network and DirecTV, as well as through Hulu, and now streaming TV providers such as Sling and AT&T. You can catch Cartoon Network through major cable TV providers.

Adventure Time

Finn is just an ordinary child living in the post-apocalyptic Land of Oxo. Except, he isn't all that normal actually. With the help of his shape-shifting dog named Jake, on their adventures, the two fight a bunch of enemies and rescue those in need. They also encounter a number of interesting characters, including Princess Bubblegum. Although it's a happy series, the show has given a strange sense of darkness that it is set many years after a nuclear war has happened. Adventure Time, beloved by many, lasted for several series and premiered in 2018 for its ninth and final season.

The Powerpuff Girls

C'mon, what little girl didn't love growing up in this cartoon? You get The Power Puff Girls when you combine sugar, spice, and everything nice! These tough gals named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, a set of kindergarten superheroes, protect their town from evil villains who try to wreak havoc. They encounter other normal problems along their crime-fighting way, including losing baby teeth and arguing with each other and looking totally adorable while they do it!

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo navigates everyday life and its accompanying problems with the good looks of Elvis and the wits of a bag of bricks, clueless but charming, while trying to pick up women and failing. Johnny has some interesting run-ins and adventures in this hilarious but short-lived cartoon, while arguing with his child neighbor Suzy and running into issues with children, animals, and adults.

Stephen Universe

Stephen Universe updated the cartoon game by providing amusing and informative material that also highlighted some serious problems that children would inevitably face in life. This cartoon features coming-of-age themes with detailed storylines and characters that broach the nuances of gender, sensual orientation, body type, and race, as well as unique family units that teach viewers love and acceptance.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter is a genius of a boy who spends much of his time cooking new experiments and inventions in his laboratory. When she sneaks into his underground lab to mess around with his things, his ditzy sister Dee Dee always lands him in hot water, but Dexter himself causes just as much trouble for his family and his arch-enemy Mandark when his experiments go awry on their own.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage may be cowardly, but in each episode of this mad, quirky series, he is typically the hero. Courage is left to fend for himself and keep them protected from the numerous monsters, aliens, and other creepy creatures that roam nearby, with his ignorant owners Muriel and Eustace never really knowing what is going on around their home. Courage the Cowardly Puppy, a very bleak cartoon set in the middle of nowhere, lasted for about four seasons before coming to an end in 2002.

The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy

The children discover all the fun they have with Death's supernatural powers as the Grim Reaper becomes the companion and lifetime servant of two children named Billy and Mandy. Billy and Mandy meet some notorious monsters such as Dracula, The Wolfman, and even Jack O'Latern, and everlasting human as they bounce around while Death acclimatizes to his new life among humans.

Ben 10

Ben Tennyson is a lot different than your typical 10-year-old child. Max battles other aliens seeking to conquer and does whatever he can to keep the watch out of the hands of the bad guys with his special watch called the Omnitrix that can turn him into various alien life forms and the help of his grandfather Max and big sister Gwen. Max and Gwen soon had their own backstories as the series went on, and Ben had several more aliens via his watch that he might become.

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

If you had an imaginary friend growing up with you, then you would have enjoyed the cartoon. Bloo goes to a special orphanage built especially for imaginary friends when the eight-year-old Mac is told that he has to say farewell to his imaginary friend, Bloo. With the home rules, however, specifying that Bloo will remain as long as Mac visits him every day, the two develop an even deeper bond than they had before as they meet other colorful characters along the way.

Samurai Jack

The tale of a young samurai and his battle to undo the evil mess created by a shape-shifting demon named Aku, is followed by Samurai Jack. Jack encounters a series of extreme challenges with time-travel, supernatural elements, and futuristic adventures, as he seeks to find a portal to take him back in time to fuck up everything before Aku.

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