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Trending Products To Sell & Make A Lot Of Money In 2021 💸💰

Want to start an online business but don't know where to start or what to sell? Don't fret, welcome to our review & selection of trendy products to be sold in your online store & earn substantial income in 2021!

Trending products to sell in 2021

1) Fashion Category: Puffy Sleeve Clothing

puffy sleeves

The so-called puffy sleeves clothing this year is experiencing a rise in demand in the fall and winter seasons. There is nothing shocking about this, in fact. The sleeves should not be too large. According to Cosmopolitan, and that is the exact reason why clothing for puffy sleeves has been popular over the years, and is still going to be trending in 2021! Although the number of orders is not especially high as of now, these items will easily serve as one of the trending products with the proper promotion and draw fashion-conscious customers to your shop.

google trend for puffy sleeves

2) Consumer Electronics Category: TWS Earphones

tws earphones

If the majority of people used wired earphones some years back, TWS earphones today are what's trendy right now!

TWS (True Wireless System) is a technology that lets you use Bluetooth to connect two audio devices. It means that two channels can be broadcast independently by you. This is how many earphones operate for wireless devices.

Don't you think TWS earphones might be the world's best item? So look at the image below and make sure these devices on Google are the top items searched for! What's more, they aren't costly to manufacture because of the TWS technology. That's why you can find tons of TWS earphones on the market, which do not cost much. And because lots of people can afford them, they are going to be one of the trending e-commerce items!

google trends for tws earphones

3) (Cheap) Smart Home Devices Category: Smart LED Bulbs

smart led bulb

LEDs are actually one of the most effective sources of illumination.

What is more, it has become possible to get a blue, red, yellow bulb with the transition to LED light.

Therefore, pay attention to smart LED lamps! Using your mobile, they let you pick the color. The top trending object, meanwhile, is regarded as a low-cost commodity. So, for your online shop, is this a promising item?

google trend for smart bulb

4) Beauty Accessories Category: Hair Clips & Pins

hair clips & pins

It's a positive thing to see that all year round, with no seasonal ups and downs, hair clips have a stable market. This implies that it is an evergreen type of product that will not soon lose its popularity!

According to Cosmopolitan, a major spring 2021 hair trend emanating from the endless fashion runways is hair pulled back and secured with hair combs and clips.

It is necessary to take a single look at the demand for this product on AliExpress to see that your dropshipping store is a must-have addition! Why not take advantage of these cute, lightweight, easy-to-ship products that will remain in demand, like, forever?

google trends for hair clip

5) Hi-tech Products & Accessories Category: Wireless Charging Stations

wireless charging station

Wireless charging stations, as they offer their users mobility and versatility, will also be the best selling device. Basically, thanks to them, you do not depend on the position of power sockets. You may then charge your cell phone or tablet, or any other device in a more user-friendly and easy way.

The whole idea of wireless charging is clearly not that new. Technology has been recognized for many years, but recently it has attracted increased interest from both the general public and the mass media. It's mainly due to the fact that many people can afford to purchase such devices nowadays. You can see the shift in interest in the last 5 years towards wireless shifting stations on the graph below.

This year, the market for wireless charging stations has risen significantly, and nothing will change in the near future. In turn, manufacturers are gradually adopting the highly demanded technology as it shows incredible potential: by 2022, the global wireless charging market will be estimated at over $22 billion, according to industry estimates.

Sellers who put their deals on AliExpress are naturally eager to pursue the rising trend. That's why one of the trendiest things to sell in your online store should be called a wireless charging station!

google trend for wireless charging station

6) Car Products Category: Car Seat Cover

car seat cover

Car owners often look for ways of maintaining the exterior and interior of their vehicles. And the market for car seat covers is high enough nowadays to add this item to the list of trending items to sell in 2021, because the specifics that suffer most of all are the ones you have daily communication with.

google trend for car seat cover

7) Sports Category: Resistance Bands

resistance bands

For resistance bands, it's all the same. Since many people do not have a chance to use them at the gym now, they are constantly buying them at home for sports. And you can certainly decide that this is truly a hot commodity in 2021 when you look at how much those exercise bands cost!

google trend for resistance bands

8) Bathroom Accessories Category: Hair Catcher

Because some foreign items, such as loose threads, pet hair, etc., can damage your washing machine or sewage system a lot, people need to look for ways to capture these things. Fortunately, a very useful tool that is called a hair catcher has been developed by some manufacturers. It seems to be a filter whose job is to exclude all the unwanted stuff from your kitchen sink or washing machine.

Despite the fact that this item does not seem to be a best-selling dropshipping commodity at first glance, we would like to draw your attention to the image below. You can see here that the amount of search requests for 'hair catcher' is gradually growing. There is more, in fact. Look at the number of orders for hair-catchers.

We agree that hair catchers have a great ability to become one of the best selling products in your online store because the statistics are amazing!

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