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Zyrus LP1200 Strada - The New Need For Speed

Norwegian tuner Zyrus Engineering's heavily altered 1,200 strength Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo-based LP1200 the previous summer during its Nurburgring testing. It figured out how to make sure about a lap season of 6:48.56. Creating an aggregate of 2,645 pounds of downforce, the heavy re-designed Zyrus LP1200 required 527 unique parts from the Huracan Super Trofeo, and only 24 creation models are arranged, half of which will be legal on street

The debut of the Zyrus LP1200 Strada is the second form rendition of the Huracan LP640-4 and the entirety of the work was finished by hand. This time around, more than 600 sections were changed and around 172 pounds were shaved from the completely carbon track variation. The whole car weighs around to 3,145 pounds.

Pre-orders for both versions are now being accepted and customers will have "varying options for trim and color." The recently revealed Lamborghini Huracan STO and all of its 630 hp and track-derived technologies are without question impressive, but the LP1200 Strada simply takes things to another level in terms of overall performance, track capabilities, and exclusivity. When the most extreme factory-built supercar simply isn't quite extreme enough, Zyrus is there to fill that void.

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