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Cooper Cooler – Chill Any Drinks In 60 Seconds 🍾🍷🍺🧃

Cooper Cooler – Chill Any Drinks In 60 Seconds

Everyone has been in a situation where you suddenly do not have cold beverages to drink, whether this occurred at a party you hosted or attended or some informal get together with friends or family, or even at your favorite bar/restaurant. Now with the Cooper Cooler™ rapid beverage chilling appliance you can easily Chill-On-Demand™ warm beverages like beer, juices, nutritional/diet drinks, soda, sports drinks, water, and wine.

The Cooper Cooler™ is the fastest way to rapidly chill your warm beverages from 77°F/25°C to refrigerator cold (43°F/6°C) in the below times:

  • Cans in 1 minute

  • Bottles in 3.5 minutes

  • Wine bottles in 6 minutes

For ice cold (33°F/1°C) beverages, just double these chill times!

The Cooper Cooler™

For wine lovers, at the touch of a button, it chills 750mL wine bottles from room temperature (77°F/25°C) to the perfect serving temperature:

  • 68F/20C in 1 minute

  • 53F/11C in 3.5 minutes

  • 43F 6C in 6 minutes

They use the NO SPIN option for chilling delicate wines without worry.


1. Speed

Currently the fastest appliance/method to quickly chill beverages when they are stored at room temperature or are already refrigerated but still not cold enough due to inconsistent chilling or desire for even lower temperatures. For chilling a can it is 40 times faster than a freezer and for chilling a wine bottle it is 10 times faster than freezer. Never worry about forgetting or pre-planning to put your beverages in the refrigerator. Chill-On-Demand™ your beverages whenever the need arises, especially useful for chilling wines to the proper serving temperature. Great for parties, unexpected guests, or if you do not have allot of refrigerator space. The Cooper Cooler™ is much faster than the so called “ice less” chillers that use a Peltier/thermo-electric system. These units are only good for maintaining an already chilled bottled, not good for rapid chilling like our Cooper Cooler™.

2. Reliability

Able to consistently chill beverages to an exact temperature without altering any beverage properties like taste and carbonation. Ability to chill your drinks to “ice cold” 33°F/1°C without the fear of over freezing or exploding your carbonated beverages. No messy clean ups like when your beverage explodes in the freezer because you forgot to take it out.

3. Versatility

Can chill almost any sized single-serve beverage in any container material like aluminium, glass, and plastic. In addition, we are able to chill wine bottles. Most versatile of all the quick chillers for easily chilling a wide variety/range of beverage types quickly and easily.

4. Space Efficiency

Beverages can be stored, freeing up valuable refrigerator space allowing more room for other perishables. These space issues can be more acute in the office breakroom or dormitory setting.

5. Ease of use

Simple appliance using inexpensive, non-toxic, and readily available materials–just add ice cubes and water. Short setup time/procedure and easy to maintain.

6. Innovative

“First of its kind” truly functional consumer electric rapid beverage chilling appliance.


Check out their demo video

"I love it when a product comes across the desk here, at Unbox Therapy and it does what it claims to do. I don't care if you're into Australian beer, maybe you're looking at an energy drink, maybe it's a Rockstar, maybe you're a Mountain Dew kinda of dude; this is gonna chill it down in a minute." - Unbox Therapy

Our review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

Although it is priced around $105, it certainly comes handy when you need a chill beverage right away!

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Jul 03, 2023

Where is my wine and can cooler

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