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Unspillable Cup? Mighty Mug Review 🥃🚰

Do you need a great gift for a coffee lover on your list? How about a mug that won't be thrown over and spilled? Does that sound a little hard-to-believe? Take a look at our review of the Mighty Mug!

Mighty mug review

Here's something to think about: spills are causing more damage to laptops than anything else.

In fact, Sewelltech's tech repair specialist estimates that spills account for 60 per cent of laptop damage. Even more troubling, nothing else comes close to being as destructive as the expensive resource in the workplace and the invaluable data they hold as a simple spill. And it's not just the laptops that need to be destroyed. Many valuable documents have come to an unfortunate end because of nothing more than a simple spill.

So what can employers do to mitigate the risk of spills at work? Would it not be great to avoid the damage caused to laptops and other important documents in the workplace by the risk associated with the ubiquitous coffee mug?

Ideally and ideally, the owners of companies would never have to swallow the losses caused by this seemingly inevitable fact of nature again. In reality, most business owners simply resign themselves to the inevitable blows to their bottom line associated with workplace spills. Unfortunately, what many employers and business owners don't realize is that there is actually a solution out there that will actually stop spills before they happen, and that comes in the form of an improper mug.

Unfortunately, what many employers and business owners don't realize is that there is actually a solution out there that will actually stop spills before they happen, and that comes in the form of an improper mug.

So how do they make it all possible?


What is this Mighty Mug Exactly?

Outside, Mighty Mug looks like a sleek and stylish office mug and nothing more, but as we all know, appearances can be misleading. Despite its attractive and tasteful design, there is much more to this ground-breaking eye-catching product. Mighty Mug is the only mug that is resistant to accidental knocking. This simple-looking mug actually features a ground-breaking patented technology that allows it to be resistant to spills.

So how did this Mighty Mug come into being? When the creators of Mighty Mugs' coffee spilled and ruined their entire computer with only one swoop down, they decided instead of crying over spilled milk, so to speak, they were going to do something about it. As a result, they set out to create the ultimate solution to a seemingly impossible problem. They decided to stop the spills from happening. How would you ask them to do this? By creating a mug that could not have been spilled. After three years of labor and experimentation, Mighty Mug finally came into being and has revolutionized workplaces everywhere.

From its modest beginnings, when a small team of mechanical engineers and industrial designers are fully committed to providing an innovative solution to the global problem, to becoming a day-to-day sensation that is now on the market in more than 32 countries, Mighty Mug is really the little mug that has changed the world. It's not surprising that Mighty Mug is actually the most widely talked about beverage product in history. This mug literally solved what most thought was an unsolvable problem. Please talk about the groundbreaking.

So how is it all working? The answer is Smartgrip Technology patented.

Mighty mug technology

What Is Smartgrip Technology?

Smartgrip Technology is a patented system that means that office mishaps caused by accidental knock-overs are a thing of the past.

It works by creating an airtight seal between the bottom of the mug and the desk or the surface on which the mug is placed. This seal is so airtight that it can withstand the force of any knocks or bumps that are not intended. The result, huh? A literally untipable mug.

Amazingly enough, Mighty Mug is effortless to pick up, but he's going to stick firmly to the surfaces he's knocked on. So how is this possible? Well, thanks to the innovative design of Mighty Mug, which relies on the power of physics to solve a big problem, Mighty Mug can easily be lifted up and down, but will cling stubbornly when bumped from the side. Genius! Genius!



It sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?! So, do you want to try the incredible Mighty Mug on your own? You can learn more about the Mighty Mug and purchase products directly from the Mighty Mug website.

Prices range from US$19.99 to US$24.99. So head over to the Mighty Mug website and buy one today! You're going to love it!

Connect to Mighty Mug: Shop | Facebook | Twitter



Mighty mug product

It is rare to find a company that is so dedicated to innovation as Mighty Mug. That's why it's no surprise that Mighty Mug has taken the world by storm. There are few people who would say no to a spill proof mug, and that's why the promotional Mighty Mugs continues to exceed expectations and delight its dedicated customer base.

If you want an easy way to protect your workplace from spills while having a pretty wicked looking mug / tumbler, you've then come to the right product.

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